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tourists in Spain GSometimes in our travels, fate intertwines us with just the right people. 4 Spanish travelers with different backgrounds and interests get bound together by their love for new places and different cuisines. Even with their different outlooks on the world, they all believe that the world gets better one destination at a time. Traveling tames their demons. A travel agent, a tour guide, a retired hotel owner and a former chef. How do these four mesh up together? You’re about to find out.

Meet ‘Travel Bug’ Debbie Gonzalez. She is a young travel gent with twinkling eyes, a thick mane of red hair and a free spirit. She is always smiling even when she doesn’t have to. Probably an occupational hazard. She is creative, hosts a blog, and is constantly looking for materials to post. From her work at the travel agency, she knows the best destinations to visit and is always suggesting them. Never disappoints. She has a cigarette addiction she tries to hide and is a secret donor for various hospices.

The ‘Funny Guy’ Freddie Perez is a retired hotel owner with a balding head and a pot belly. He is always telling jokes. Some funny, others not so much. He has a bellowing hearty laugh that sucks people in. the travel bug needs him for his unique and funny outlook on things. He has way with words that is just so appealing and relatable with her target so the travel bug made him a contributing writer. When no one is watching, he dances in his hotel room.

The ‘Tour Nerd’ Michael Melendez is a tour guide that found love in his website design. He is always calm and collected with an infectious smile, dark skinned with a well-trimmed beard and is constantly dropping facts about new places more out of impulse than necessity. He has an anger management problem that he compensates for with visiting the old. The travel bug made him her website designer as she has zero knowledge of websites other than hosting them.

The ‘Chickenhawk’ Robert Constantino was a chef, now a food critic. Always neat and organized, not a hair out of place. Rarely will you see her smiling and she always holds herself in a formal demeanor. She is a source of content for the travel bug and secretly enjoys being referred to as “el mundo, the food critic” in the blog posts. She wishes she had more friends and spends her time with disabled kids.

Every summer, they all take vacations at the same time and set out for new hotspots across Spain. With each of them having a love for the port of Duquesa, they recognize that this is a universal beacon that brings them all back where it all began. They always plant a tree at each place they visit, to reduce globalization and have even hosted ‘clean the hood contests’ to reduce local air pollution in Barcelona. They have every intention of introducing the beauty of Spain to everyone they can reach. Through our website we welcome any comments and suggestions on your favorite destinations in Spain you would like us to add. Write to us anytime- here:



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